Remember that new car plastic smell? It is from chemical fumes being released inside your vehicle that can be toxic.

Since summer is here and the weather is getting hotter. When the heat is up and we get into our hot car, very often the first thing we want to do is to turn our air conditioner on. That is not such a good idea for anyone but especially if you have children in the car with you. While your car is sitting in the hot sun with the windows up the temperature level inside your car can go way above a 100 F.  However, even before this happens, research shows that the high heat causes toxic chemical fumes from you car interior, dashboard, trim, seat covers and cushions, etc. to be released at a faster rate into your entire driving compartment environment.

In addition, to possibly being carcinogenic, prolonged exposure to these chemical fumes can affect your lungs, white blood cells, possibly even causing anemia, Leukemia, and other things.

 People getting into these hot cars while keeping the windows closed will inevitably breathe in these toxic chemical fumes repeatedly. Turning on the air conditiones often just causes these toxins to continue to circulate inside your vehicle.

Instead, Dr. James Vahl a North County Chiropractor in Encinitas, CA. suggests that before getting into your car, first open some doors and windows to let these toxins begin to disapate. Then after getting into your car, close the doors but keep some windows open and begin driving. After outside air has had a good chance to circulate throughout the inside of your vehicle, then you can turn your air conditioner on followed by closing your windows. Your driving compartment air environment will then be much safer for you and your family to breathe.

In good health and life

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