chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustment (Treatment)

A chiropractic adjustment (treatment) is a very natural, noninvasive, safe procedure designed to restore and enhance health. The art of carrying out an adjustment is a skill that needs to be studied, learned and practiced over a period of years. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only professional health care providers with the training to carry out a chiropractic adjustment. Any spinal adjustments by another type of practitioner or health care professional are known to be less effective and even dangerous.

What Does A Spinal Adjustment Entail?

A spinal manipulation, more commonly called as a spinal adjustment refers to a process by which the chiropractor carefully and skillfully applies a restrained force into one or probably more “subluxated” vertebrae. An adjustment is also often done in the pelvic area to balance the sacroiliac joints. An adjustment is usually done with the hands but sometimes a specialized mechanical tool is used.

When Are Spinal Adjustments Advised?

When a particular vertebrae of the spine is no longer in its proper position or if it’s functioning is somehow impaired, then a spinal adjustment can be applied. When this happens and vertebrae are out of place and cannot move properly, they are called vertebral subluxations. A chiropractor undertakes a number of specialized tests and procedures to figure out which vertebrae may be subluxated. When found an immediate correction is usually indicated. Subluxations can exist without any painful sign, just like cavities, so people may not be having any back or neck pain, but should still get periodic checkups on their spine.

What Does A Spinal Adjustment Really Do?

A spinal adjustment helps to correct vertebral subluxations. This reduces muscle tension and spasms, pain and inflammation and normalizes the biomechanics of the spine. But what is more important is that it can eliminate nerve irritation and any interference, which can enhance the general health and wellbeing of the patient. The only way to successfully solve vertebral subluxations is with chiropractic adjustments. A highly trained chiropractor is the only one who can detect subluxations and successfully correct them with a spinal adjustment.

Non-Spinal Chiropractic Adjustments

Although the spine and pelvis are most frequently in need of adjusting, nearly every other joint in the body can also be adjusted by a chiropractor. This would include the joints in the wrists and hands, knees, ankles and feet, elbows and shoulders, ribs, hips and even the jaw. The truth is that certain chiropractors even have the specialized training to adjust the joints, or sutures of the skull.

Just as with spinal joints, the joints in our extremities also become misaligned and then fixated. With chiropractic adjustments joint functionality in the extremities can be restored and enhanced. This will then minimize wear and tear, increasing the life of the joint. This can be extremely helpful to athletes who usually need optimal performance from their joints, which are highly stressed. With an adjustment an immediate increase in range of motion occurs but a side benefit is that the adjustment provides a flow of nutrients to the joint because of the increased mobility. Motion is the one way to bring nutrients into the cartilage and flush waste products out.